Cookies, Condoms and Consent teaches safe-sex positivity

Students and representatives with Franklin College’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Programming group lined the Student Center Atrium Thursday afternoon with sweet treats, free condoms and a conversation about safe, consensual sex.

This is the college’s first-ever Cookies, Condoms and Consent event on campus.

Counselor and event coordinator Sara Kinder said the event took inspiration from Indiana University’s Cupcakes and Condoms program.


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The new group guided interested students and faculty through a series of five informative exhibitions, including resources for sexual assault victims and a crash course on birth control methods and sexually transmitted disease testing.

Counselor John Shafer led an exhibition in which students wore alcohol simulation goggles while attempting to accurately place a condom on a model penis.

The group gave spectators who completed all five steps a gift bag filled with condoms and a cookie for their time.

Senior Alaina May is one of the few students involved in Franklin College Sexual Violence Prevention and Programming. May and senior Taylor Condre showcased a display of the various types of condoms and lubrication to assist students in finding a safe and comfortable fit.

“This event is so important because a surprisingly large amount of people are learning new information,” May said.

One attendee expressed support for the new program.

“I learned a lot of new things, especially about consent and drunken sex,” freshman Vicki May said.

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