Column: High School vs. College

By Megan Powell

Professors, lectures and readings, oh my.

College is a lot more work and I knew that it was going to be that way coming in, but not to this extent.

Last year I was cruising along senior year having the time of my life. Yes, I took some challenging courses, but for the most it was a comfortable ride.

On Aug. 31, the smooth paved road gained some pebbles and now seems to be a long gravel drive.

One of the main goof­ups I made within the first week was referring to my professors as Mr. or Mrs. – wrong. I’ve been in this mindset for 12 years and now I have to think doctor or professor. And some professors even prefer their first name to address them – which just feels wrong.

In high school you could walk into the building and students would be lined up in the hallways finishing their homework. You would then notice you did not finish a reading for your first period class. Frantically, you would run to a computer, hop on Sparknotes and have a vague, general description of your reading to get through class. You definitely can’t do that in college.

It feels odd to have a day off, or very clear because you might have just one or two classes per day. But I enjoy this part of college… a lot.

Also, I love sleep more than anything. Three days a week my first class is at noon. That part of college is awesome.

At first the whole higher education concept might be scary and nerve wrecking, but just wait and the bumpy, gravel road will soon become smooth and paved again.


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