College’s lobbying group provides benefits

Independent Colleges of Indiana is a non-profit association that represents 31 private, non-profit colleges and universities throughout the state, including Franklin College.

Franklin College reaps several benefits from their Independent Colleges of Indiana institutional membership.

“Independent Colleges of Indiana provides [Franklin College] with an invaluable ‘voice at the table’ through its advocacy for public policy and resources on behalf of all independent colleges and universities in the state of Indiana,” said Tim Garner, interim provost and dean of the college.

Garner said member institutions, including Franklin College, take advantage of the variety of opportunities Independent Colleges of Indiana offers.

“Independent Colleges of Indiana publicizes key information regarding their institutions that enhances public understanding of our benefits and also promote awareness of our colleges and universities prospective students,” Garner said.

Independent Colleges of Indiana’s most recent initiative regarded the Indiana science, technology, engineering, mathematics Teacher Recruitment Fund.

The fund was established by the General Assembly to award competitive grants to STEM teacher training programs.

“Independent Colleges of Indiana is coordinating a coalition of member institutions that have collaborated to offer specific programs in the area,” Garner said.

Franklin College students who study majors which fall under the STEM category benefit by attending workshops mandated by STEM and Independent Colleges of Indiana.

“Independent Colleges of Indiana facilitates participatory programs to member institutions that reduce prices for services and/or goods through leveraged contracts and simplify purchasing processes,” Garner said.

Franklin College’s relationship with Independent Colleges of Indiana also benefits perspective students.

Students and parents can visit to find information about some of the most frequently asked questions, including, “SAT and ACT—Which should I take?” and “What does ‘liberal arts’ mean?”

Prospective students are also urged to ask questions if the website doesn’t have what they are looking for.

“The annual cost of membership is determined by the size of an institution’s enrollment, and we currently pay $38,000 per year,” Garner said.

The payment to be a member of the organization is based on how many people attend Franklin College, not how many people study a STEM-based major.

Because Independent Colleges of Indiana represents 31 colleges and universities throughout the state, not every topic and issue can be tied back to Franklin College.

But in the end, Garner said the services and outcomes are well worth the price.

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