College should offer intensive term in summer

As a student at Franklin College, you’re more than likely used to being the last of your hometown friends to kick off summer break. But why is that?

J-term could be to blame. 

With a month in between the fall and spring semesters, students have the opportunity to complete a one-month internship, take a class that otherwise would not fit in their regular schedule, earn extra money by working extra hours at their job, or relax before the stressful semester approaches. In most cases, this month-long _ does not add a significant amount of importance to a student’s curriculum. 

The idea behind J-term is great — students get a choice to do what they so desire. Without it, many students wouldn’t be able to study abroad or take trips because of prior commitments and required classes during the fall and spring semesters. Students can also choose to take more interesting courses during the month, rather than a general education class.

However, January isn’t the best option for this month-long term. First, the weather in January can be dreadful. This may keep students from enrolling in a certain class to avoid the weather. 

One of the most important issues revolving around J-term is the _ for internships. Several businesses opt against having interns for just one month. By the time the intern is trained for the position, it’s time to head back to school for the spring semester. 

It would be more beneficial for students if the college replaced J-term with a May or August term. Most summer internships start in the middle of May, lasting through August. But because Franklin College students are oftentimes the last to begin their summer, their internships may be cut short. 

If the month-long term was offered in August, students would have the option to continue their internship for a greater amount of time or complete a class. 

Also, our December holiday break and January winter break could be combined to give students a longer break during the holiday season. Plenty of people would rather add those two extra days onto their two-week break. A two-day break doesn’t give students enough time to do anything.

The college should consider replacing J-term with a May or August term.


OUR POSITION: The staff believes a May or August term would be more beneficial to students.


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