Celebrities should use their voices to encourage, not force

Everywhere we look, celebrities are trying to influence our lives — how we dress, what we listen to, what we watch. We don’t realize how much celebrities influence us, but they do. Most recently, celebrities have started to influence, or try to influence, the way we vote.

That begs the question of whether they should. From Katy Perry to Beyoncé to Kanye West, several celebrities made their voices heard for fans to hear throughout the 2016 election cycle.

Many people believe that celebrities should use their platform to encourage people to vote, not who to vote for. Celebrities have thousands of young and impressible viewers who may not be political buffs but would rather vote or follow someone supported by their favorite singer or actor.

During the election season, several celebrities used their platform to campaign for certain candidates. While it’s great to see these famous people get involved in politics, it’s not ideal to see their fans vote or support a candidate just because Beyoncé supports them.

Celebrities face the difficult task of balancing the line between being too vocal or not vocal enough. Many fans weren’t very happy when Taylor Swift didn’t say or mention anything about voting until Election Day, while some people berated and scolded Misha Collins for being so vocal about his political views. 

However, all consumers of the celebrity product must also be aware and make educated decisions. People need to realize that their favorite celebrities do not hold all the answers to every question. Just because they believe one way does not mean you should, too.

People need to make sure they take matters into their own hands to educate themselves on a topic or person. If they see their favorite celebrity supporting someone, instead of making the rash decision to jump on the bandwagon and support that person, they need to consider their policies and learn about the person. 

While it may be seen as important for celebrities to use their platform to encourage people to vote, it is also important for people to do their own research and make informed opinions on their own.

Celebrities should use their voice and platform to inform their fans on important issues, but not on how to view those issues.

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The opinion staff believes celebrities should only use their voices to encourge people to vote, but not who to vote for.


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