Pro: Events provide opportunities

October 3, 2013 0

By Adam Lee As most students know, and often complain about, many professors require that we attend co-curricular events as part of a class grade. It’s easy to complain about these requirements and claim Read More

Sharknado raises questions

October 3, 2013 0

By Darian Eswine Sharknado is a movie about a shark tornado. Literally. Before we go any further, be warned: there are spoilers. Other than the stunning visuals matching those of Avatar and the incredible acting, Read More

Reach for the stars

October 3, 2013 0

By Brittney Corum As children, we are told we should dream big and set our goals high. No matter how hard it gets or how far you have to go, always reach for the Read More

Punk community should be more inclusive of women

September 26, 2013 0

By Caitlin Soard Last week, Alternative Press posted a feature on its website called “9 Things Women in Music are Sick of Experiencing.” The goal of the list was to highlight some of the Read More

On this day in History: Sept. 27

September 26, 2013 0

By Brittney Corum We look back in history to learn from mistakes. We want there to be less war and violence and for the world to be in a state of harmony. It is Read More

Pro: “Health” obsession among 20-somethings

September 26, 2013 0

By Halie Solea It’s not purely speculation when people say Americans are having a health epidemic. We see all sorts of statistics, charts and figures telling us we have a problem, with words like Read More

Indulge your sweet tooth

September 19, 2013 0

By Halie Solea If you have not discovered the adorable sweet shop in downtown Franklin – M.W. Wadsworth’s & Co. Fine Chocolates – you’re missing out. When I walked in, I was immediately greeted Read More

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