Brazil, Ireland among list of J-term destinations

As the spring semester moves into full swing and everyone looks to graduation and summer plans, there is one part of Old Main that’s looking to book students’ schedules for January 2018. 

It’s the board outside of the study abroad office, boasting the college’s new Winter Term classes offerings. 

For Winter Term 2018, the college is offering three travel courses: Brazil, Ireland and Japan. 

Jennifer Cataldi, Global Education office director, said her office works with faculty course proposals to pick “safe and affordable” places for students to travel and learn. 

“Going on an international January term can help introduce a student to a different culture and world from the one they live in,” Cataldi said. “It’s also a safe and cheap way for students to get an experience in a different country.” 

For junior Lauren Kinneer, this was his first time out of the country. He went to Guatemala this year. 

“It gave me the chance to practice my Spanish and gave me a chance to stay someplace warmer than Indiana for January,” he said. 

Kinneer said he’d love to go on another Spanish-focused trip in the future to improve his language skills. 

“I also want to immerse myself in another culture again after having the seed of wanting to travel being planted after this experience,” he said. 

Kinneer’s favorite part of his Guatemala trip was the dynamic between the men and the women in the country, as well as between the tourists and the natives. 

Senior Courtney Sonner decided to wait until her senior year to travel abroad, but wishes she had explored the world earlier in her career. 

“I thought that it would be a good way to round up my journey here at Franklin College,” she said. 

On her trip to France, she learned she likes having a busy lifestyle — more than the laid back style French people have. 

“France values more of the time spending with family and friends, which I enjoyed for a little while,” she said. “But found that I missed being part of the hustle and bustle of my busy life.” 

Applications for the January 2018 trips to Brazil, Ireland and Japan can be found outside of the Global Education Office on the first floor of Old Main. They are due March 15.

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