Assistant director of admissions is a clogging queen

By Caitlin Soard and Kaitlyn Short,

Amanda Eaton, the assistant director of admissions, has been dancing since she was five.

She said she started off doing ballet and “basics of everything,” which is how she learned she enjoyed tap.

“The day I took tap I knew instantly, like, that’s what I wanted to do because everything was too quiet for me,” Eaton said. “Once I did tap it was like I could actually make kind of like music or rhythm out of it. So I thought it was fun…and it kind of gave me a challenge of learning how the steps were done and things like that.” Clogging 1

“I was always that kid that just had a ball of energy, that I just needed something to do to get all that energy out and my family’s all very focused around music,” Eaton said. Her father was in a band, and she said the music “kind of correlated with the interest in dance,” which is how she got into clogging specifically—since her father plays country music, and that’s the genre most closely associated with clogging.

Eaton danced competitively in middle and high school. She does not compete currently, but when she was in college she did the Franklin College Miss Blue and Gold Pageant and used clogging as her talent.

“I actually ended up winning, but I think really that was just because no one knew what clogging was so they were like ‘wow that’s awesome,’” Eaton said.

She continues to dance for exercise at Electric Impulse Cloggers in Trafalgar.

Clogging has helped Eaton make unexpected connections. In her JOU 150 class, she had to pick a classmate she didn’t know very well to interview. That classmate ended up being her future husband, Ty Eaton.

“The clogging story that he wrote about me…he thought that it was the wooden shoes,” Eaton said. “So he thought that I was just this college girl that danced in wooden shoes and I called him out on it. I don’t think he got a good grade on it and I felt bad, but that’s how we met and then we dated all throughout college and then we just got married in October.”

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