Alumnus Mike James writes, shoots and creates

When Mike James came to Franklin College, he never dreamed his filmmaking dream would become a reality.

At a young age, he started making movies—something he calls a love for the “art of ideas.”

And when he came to the college, he wanted to follow his interest in filmmaking.

The college doesn’t offer a specific filmmaking course. But after talking to multimedia journalism professor Joel Cramer, James learned that he could have access to equipment he could use to perfect his videography skills.

“He took his craft very seriously,” Cramer said. “[Our journalism program has a] strictly news focus, and his vision was something other than news. But the techniques and the technology are similar across the two fields.”

In addition to using college equipment, James also learned how to use editing software and how to tell stories with a camera.

After James’s four years at the college, he graduated with a double major in broadcasting and news editorial journalism.

With a degree under his belt, he packed up and moved to Los Angeles to start his career.

While on the west coast, his first job was a production assistant for the 20th season of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

From there, James started to produce, write, act in, direct and edit his own work.

About a year ago, James returned to Indiana and has continued to work in the field of filmography.

Recently, he revisited the Franklin College campus to shoot a music video for the band Billy Changer, which performs art punk.

“It was my idea to come to Franklin College for the shoot,” James said. “It was a place that had easy access, and I thought of Old Main which is a cool building. The way it looked walking in, the old wood and the staircase is what makes it cool.”

James has simple advice for students who may be interested in a career like his after graduation.

“Start doing it,” James said. “The best thing to do is to do the things that you don’t want to hear, such as to be patient and persistent. Create, create, create, write, write, write, and shoot, shoot, shoot.”

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