Academic Resource Center provides benefits for students

By Caitlin Soard

The Academic Resource Center in Hamilton Library is often a required visit for LA classes.

Katie Wehner, the ARC’s director, said programs like the Speech Lab and The Write Place have been around for about 25 years but were not organized into one central location until the ARC was formed.

Hilary Cain, a mentor in the speech lab, thinks the lab helps students improve.

“[Steven] Comiskey especially is really particular about his outlines, and I know a lot of students really struggle with that or they really struggle with speaking in public, so I try to give them tips on that,” Cain said. “I really think that, at least I hope, the speech lab makes them feel more comfortable giving their speeches in class.”

Cain was asked to work in the speech lab by Wehner after taking Comiskey’s speech class her freshman year. She said it’s a nice way to make extra money since she didn’t qualify for normal work-study.

“It’s also fun helping students,” Cain said.

Students can drop in on certain ARC programs, such as the Math Study Center and supplemental instruction programs for certain classes, such as BIO 114.

Wehner said a big benefit of visiting the ARC is getting “carved out” study time that students may not have otherwise scheduled.

The ARC is also a good opportunity for students to work together, rather than alone.

“A lot of students don’t realize that learning at a collegiate level is not supposed to be solitary activity; it’s supposed to be with others,” Wehner said. “We at the ARC really try to provide quality opportunities for engagement about course material. I think that the engagement often leads to better understanding of the material and curiosity about material and perhaps even eventually improved performance in classes.”

In addition to doing better in classes and experiencing engaged learning, Wehner said the benefits of the ARC included opportunities to “review and rehearse” academic material.

“We provide kind of an organized and structured environment for doing that rehearsing and reviewing,” Wehner said.

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