“13 Reasons Why”: Graphic, but a good message

One new Netflix series is captivating the hearts of young adults across the country. Adapted from author Jay Asher’s book, “13 Reasons Why” illustrates the direct impact bullies can make on a human life. 

The show is not for the faint of heart. With graphic scenes featuring rape, sexual assault and suicide, some people are asking questions: How far is too far? Do these graphic images actually convey a message?

Some may argue that because it is only just a show, people should not let it bother them or trigger them to commit a harmful act. However, for those who may deal with mental illness, seeing images of suicide or cutting on the screen could be that one final push over the edge. 

But The Franklin staff believes these shows should exist. There must be conversation over these topics to prevent people from being scared to come forward if they’re struggling with suicidal thoughts or have been a victim of rape. 

Unfortunately, with every show comes untasteful jokes and memes that spread across the internet. One of the more popular memes right now being shared across social media sites say, “You just died. Tag 13 people who are the reasons why,” and “You ate the last piece of candy. Here is your tape.”

These memes are not funny. They trivialize the show and make suicide the subject of a joke. That’s not what the show is trying to do. There are certain things that should never be joked about, and suicide is one of them.

Those who deal with a mental illness and are coping with suicidal thoughts could see these memes and find it disheartening. Imagine how uncomfortable someone may feel if they try to make a peer aware of their mental health issues and that person turns it into a joke. 

Antics like these are the reason why more shows that deal with these serious issues should exist. While the television shows do not have to be as graphic as “13 Reasons Why,” these shows are necessary to proving how serious of an issue suicide awareness is. 

Hopefully with more shows like this, people will be more educated and realize the seriousness behind these issues.

OUR POSITION: The staff believes that shows that deal with serious issues such as rape, sexual assault and suicide should be informative but not as graphic as “13 Reasons Why” because certain scenes could trigger people who have dealt with those issues.

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